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The title is a song. I like it a lot, y’know. Actually, was listening to it 5 seconds ago, but has ended. 

Anyways, listen to it some time. FTISLAND is a korean band (yes, band, not group that dance) and they’re really amazing. They celebrated their 10th anniversary not so long ago, and I started being their fan like 5 years ago. Such a long time, right? Give them a try. 


Well, I’ve already told my parents and closest friends about my decision. It was hard, most of them reacted as if I was crazy. “WHAT”, “HOW ARE YOU GONNA DO THAT, HUH?”, “I DON’T UNDERSTAND” were some of the most used phrases I’ve been told. And I can understand that they don’t understand because they don’t how I’ve been feeling lately, and that’s because I don’t like to talk about it. Yeah, I should and stuff but what if they judge me? For not being able to resist this. That’s kind of the same thing my cousin told me, “yeah, things are like that, what are you gonna do”. Maybe she’s right, but I just couldn’t- I was doing everything just because I had to. And if I’m gonna live just because I have to, then I don’t wanna do it. I want to live passionately, I want to love what I do and I want to be happy about it. That’s why I’m taking my time. And yeah, maybe there are gonna be people that won’t understand why I’m doing this, but here is the reason. Should I tell them? Probably. I’ll see. 

We’ll see.

N/A: People I’ve told about this:

– My parents

– G

– S (my bro)

– My cousin. We’re like friends and very close.

– Two other friends from school that are in the same college as me. 

– My two grandmas. I love them.

I consider these people the most important in my life. 

Yeah. B is not here. Why? You should read this.

Gotta go. I have my final exams this week. 


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