Random stuff

I’m alive + #things

I’ve been missing x2.

But yeah, I’m just alive. 

What have I been doing? Nothing.

Remember that job interview? Well, it was a failure. Not because I fucked up or something like that, but because they weren’t looking for female personal and to be a cashier, my career needs to be related to it.

I study fucking Literature. Where am I supposed to work if my career needs to match with my goddamn job? At a library? Yeah, mostly, but I can be a freaking cashier, too. I know how much is 29 – 15.55, thank you very much.


Anyways, there’s an interview tomorrow. I hope I get the job because I need it. Yeah, everyone needs a job, thanks for telling me.

But yeah, that’s it.

Oh, right. There’s something I’ll be doing on friday. I’m quite excited and nervous even when it’s just monday. Can’t help it. I’ll show you when it’s done.

Nothing more to say. 

Gotta go, see ya. 


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