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Remember I said I’d be doing something on friday? Well, I did it.

Or, I have it done.

Yup. I’ve got a piercing!


I went with a friend, and waited for her to have it done, too. I’ve got a helix piercing.

Why? Well, I was curious. It all started because I was curious and thought it looked pretty and then I just couldn’t stop thinking about getting one. I finally decided to do it and well, it’s been nice until now (tuesday).

I’m happy I decided to have a piercing. I really am, but-

Yeah. Shit happens to me, I can’t enjoy anything for too long.

God, I sound so depressing and emo, I’m ashamed of myself. I’m embarrassing. Someone just kill me already.

However, since this post was just to tell you about the piercing thing, I’ll make another one to tell you about what’s been bothering me. 

Yeah, seems like I’ll never stop complaining. Again, someone just kill me already.

–> About other things, remember the job interview I mentioned? Well, I didn’t pass. 

The girl beside me did and I was happy for her, really. We exchanged numbers and stuff, she was really nice. I think that’s what helped me not to think about how I had been rejected and that’s okay.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel kinda sad later. What can I do.

That’s all for now. See ya.


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