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A happy post

I believe this and my last post iT’S HAPPENING are the only not-emo posts here. Which is sad, I’d like to have more happy stuff here.

Well, this post was just to tell you that the tattoo adventure went really good, and that I’m happy with it.

It might not be a big thing (the tattoo itself and the fact that I got it), but it’s something that made me really happy today, and I should enjoy it. Enjoy the little things, right? 

Little things are what make me the happiest, actually. Chatting with friends about random stuff, calling my bro to annoy her, go out, eat candies, and now this little guy on my arm.

Why hope?

It’s something I don’t want to lose. I want to always hope for the best, even if it turns out bad. Hope can give you a little bit of calmness when you feel like you’re drowning. Without hope, it’d be just the infinite sea, no boats or people around, just you. Hope can be the strength you need to start moving towards the shore or just a small buoy. 

So yeah.

I hope I can change for the better and be a more positive person. 

And with the help of that small word on my arm to remind me of my purpose, I believe I can do it. 

That’s all.

See ya soon!

Pd. Thanks to culinarycolby for wishing me luck with the tattoo. It worked out well in the end. 🙆


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